Some Crystal Love & an Invitation for You


I….LOVE….CRYSTALS! I use crystals for everything!  Seriously, I have crystals in my lotion bottle, my dogs water bowl, I have them gridding my house, they are tucked in to most of my house plants, I use them to calm my anxiety or to give my voice power and clarity, and they are in my car for protection.  The ways we can use crystals in our everyday lives is endless.

YOU ARE INVITED to my upcoming ONLINE Live crystal sale on Friday June 11th.  Everyone is welcome and there is NO PRESSURE to buy, although you will probably want to 🙂


How do you utilize crystals in your life?  I would love to know!  We all have something to share.  Here are a few videos I thought I would share with you today, please enjoy!

Fluorite, Blue Apatite & Amber

Crystal Collecting On A Budget

The Scoop On Selenite

The Scoop On Calcite

Many blessings to you and yours.
Namaste — Karen



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