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Shamanic Energy Healing

Shamanic Practitioner

Native Americans have known for centuries that everything is energy. When you are dis-eased, out of balance, feeling emotional or all of the above, Shamanic Energy Healing can help you find peace.

Karen has studied this ancient energy healing practice and is a Certified Shamanic Practitioner. When you come to Karen for an energy healing, she may determine which modalities will work best for your confidential situation. This may include drumming, meditation, chakra balancing, saging or other tools she has in her Shaman pocket.

If you would like to know your Spirit Animal(s), Karen can do a dedicated meditation to connect with her guides to learn more about you and your spiritual path. This is a powerful way to heal past wounds and help you find your way in the future.

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Crystal Healing Session

Certified Crystal Healer

Crystal healing is a form of vibrational medicine and is used to bring about balance and well-being through spiritual and healing properties.

Proper selection and use of crystals are done based upon the type of healing you require.

Whether you need healing on an emotional issue or physical ailment, having a crystal healing session is a pleasant and powerful way to help you.

House Calls

Karen will come to your home if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area or you can come to her home in San Jose. (A travel fee will apply if more than 10 miles)

Remote Healing

You don't need to be present to feel the power of the crystals. Remote healings can be done just as effectively as in-person healings.

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Run Your Bars®

Access Consciousness Bars® Certified Practitioner

Have you ever wanted to just feel complete joy? Do you feel run down and stressed all the time, with a constant buzzing in your head? Are there things in your past that you wish to release but don't know how?

Introducing Bars®.

Bars® is a transformational treatment that will help you with all of that and more. It is a gentle, nurturing treatment whereby you simply relax while the practitioner gently touches 32 energy points on your head.

Running the bars® means these energy points will be turned on and can then help you release old memories, patterns, energy, and emotions. At the very least, you will feel completely relaxed afterward, similar to receiving a wonderful massage.

Each person's experience is different, but all have said they felt AMAZING after their experience. Call me TODAY to schedule your transformational bars® run. You will feel so good!

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Power Animal Retrieval

The retrieval of a power animal is often a very exciting and spiritually awakening event for people and is recommended for people at all stages of life.

Sometimes a power animal leaves suddenly for unknown reasons. When this happens, the person becomes disempowered and the result is misfortune and/or illness. The services of a shamanic practitioner can retrieve the power animal for the client in “non-ordinary” reality (assisted by the shaman’s power animal!) and return it to the client in this reality. Specific symptoms which indicate the need for a power animal retrieval include repeated misfortune/accidents, chronic and debilitating illness, depression and, in extreme cases, a lack of will to live.

A shaman addresses this loss of power by journeying into the spirit world to discover an animal spirit that had previously been their client’s companion. Prevailing upon the animal’s compassion, the shaman invites it to return to its human friend. If the animal agrees, the shaman escorts it back to the client. After such a retrieval the client may experience a resurgence of power, health or effectiveness. Retrieving power animal is a fundamental way to retrieve a person’s innate, instinctual energies, of re-spiriting a person, re-integrating their core energies and bringing them a true ally for healing, for life-guiding, and for relationship.

What is a Power Animal?

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Rock Divination

From a shamanic perspective, divination is based on the principle that everything in life is connected. You could view the universe as ‘a great cosmic spider web.’ If you accept that everything is connected and part of a greater whole, it stands to reason that predictions can be made about one thing by looking at other things. Throughout the centuries people have employed many ways of reading omens and determining what the future might hold. To mention but a few: oracles, scrying (i.e., gazing into a reflection) dowsing, pyromancy (i.e., gazing at a fire), reading tea leaves, oneirology (interpreting dreams), palmistry (interpreting the lines on people’s hands), tarot cards, the I-Ching and so forth.

One of the classic tasks of the shaman is to journey into non-ordinary reality in order to obtain answers to questions, both at the request of others and for oneself. Once a question has been presented, a shaman is able, through training and practice, to journey to the non-ordinary world and receive answers or messages directly from spirit. Typically, a shaman will bring back 8 different messages that relate to one question.

This is a wonderful practice to participate in if you are wondering about something in particular. For example, “Am I on the right career path?” “What do I need to know to balance my life?” “Why is ___ happening to me?” “Will I find love?”A rock divination may be done either in person or remotely.

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Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is the process that is done through a practice known as “shamanic journeying” to find the fragmented parts of your soul and reuniting them to make you whole. This practice often plays hand in hand with the practice of Shamanic Energy Healing – Soul Retrieval may require deeper and more numerous journeys.

During a soul retrieval, a shaman will travel through the spirit realm to find a person’s lost soul part(s). Many times, a traumatic event, or even several small events can cause a soul to separate. When a lost soul part is found, it is returned to the person’s soul to be reunited. Although the person may have multiple soul parts missing, each soul part that is returned to its source brings the person closer to spiritual wholeness.

Through soul retrieval, a person’s past fear/anxiety is faced and confronted. Through the aid of spirit helpers, a sole is able to become full, whole and harmonious. The universe is literally realigned to accommodate the newly healed soul. Both distant and in-person soul retrievals are available and equally effective because the healing is performed in the spirit realm.

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Energy Clearing

(Your Home or Business)

Everything around us is made of energy – from our own physical bodies to our cars, homes, land, trees, etc. Just as we need to keep our own energy bodies cleansed and operating at a high frequency or vibration, it is also important to cleanse the spaces around us where we spend most of our time.

Energy can become stale or stagnant and toxic energies from emotional outbursts such as anger and fear can linger in a space. Discarnate spirits can also inhabit spaces, especially in old houses or on land where traumatic events have occurred. I offer a special cleansing & blessing ceremony for your personal spaces, whether it be your home, car, office or land. I will fully cleanse the space and then purify & bless it with Love, Joy, Peace & Happiness.

My home and business clearing combine a thorough energetic cleansing with powerful techniques to repair the energy field, aligning it with the most harmonious energy flow. I do this without requiring any physical changes to space or reconfigurations.

Blocked energy within a home or business can cause:

  • Fatigue
  • Lack of energy
  • Mental and emotional stress
  • Conflict or lack of harmony in relationships
  • Sleep disorders
  • Ongoing health issues
  • Negative thinking or forgetfulness
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Business problems or lack of prosperity in a home
  • Blockages in creativity

After a clearing session my clients report:

  • A much lighter, harmonious feeling in their homes or businesses
  • Improvements in the relationships between them and others in their property
  • An increase in prosperity
  • A feeling of being more relaxed
  • Reduced stress
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If you were to get a splinter in your finger, you could describe that splinter as an intrusion into your physical body. You would extract the splinter with a pair of tweezers, and that would be a physical extraction.

Just as your physical body can have an intrusion, your spiritual body may also take on an intrusion. Spiritual intrusions can form in a number of ways. Here are a few examples of where an intrusion may come from:

  • Anger – either coming toward you or coming from you
  • Not expressing yourself and/or stuffing your emotions away
  • Verbal or physical attack
  • Poor self-esteem
  • Pain or illness
  • Negative thoughts

An intrusion is identified by a Shaman’s spirit helper(s) and is extracted by the spirit helper(s) as well. This practice of extraction should only be done by a trained Shaman.

A Shaman has been taught how to aid in an exaction without harming himself or anyone else. A Shaman will also take the misplaced negative energy that has been extracted from a person’s body and place it into water.

Once the energy is neutralized in water, the energy is free to be relocated through Mother Earth…kind of like cosmic recycling!

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Although the art of dowsing is known to and practiced by many tribal communities, it is not necessarily a shamanic practice. It just happens that I have been a dowser for many years, and dowsing and shamanism blend nicely together.

Dowsing is simply the ability to connect to a higher state of guidance—to ask questions and get answers. From a simplistic scientific perspective, it is the ability to access information available through the right side of our brains. (In our Western culture most individuals operate almost exclusively through the left side of their brains).

Dowsing is a tool that can aid us in expanding our abilities to use a greater proportion of our brains during which whole new possibilities become available to us. By using dowsing as a tool you can access your higher self, your inner knowing. It is a technique that can be learned to connect to your subconscious.

Dowsing is commonly used to:

  • Find water or minerals underground
  • Finding answers to questions
  • Finding lost people and/or items
  • Communication with the spirit world
  • Targeting areas of high or low energy
  • Identifying lay lines

I am an active member of the American Society of Dowsers, Inc. http://dowsers.org/.

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Remote Healing

Remote Healing is for those who are unable to be with me but want clearing or healing done. It is not always easy to find a Shaman in your location.

Remote healing allows the work you need to be done regardless of the distances or time zones. It also allows you to receive healing from a particular Shaman that you want to work with.

Remote healing makes healing possible when a person to be healed has depression, addiction, a contagious illness, cannot be touched for some reason, or feels more comfortable with the long distance method.

Long distance healing is frequently used with children that are unwilling to sit still long enough to be healed. These ancient and powerful techniques can bring about significant change and healing for the recipient.

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Paranormal Investigations

Got Ghosts? If you feel your home or business may be haunted, and you are not feeling comfortable with it, there is help and support here for you!

I have been investigating the paranormal for many years now, and I am currently a member of GPS (Global Paranormal Society), West Coast branch managed by Nancy Bowman.

If you have questions about things going bump in the night, let me know and either I or someone from GPS will gladly help.

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Art Therapy

I offer art therapy to people of all ages.

Please note, I am not a certified therapist, but I can offer a path of healing and enlightenment through art.

Great things happen when you bring a child, animal spirit helpers, paint and a blank canvas together!

This fun and educational personal time is a great way to free and empower the inner child within any person.

Animal Healing Services

Pets are part of the family and as such, when they are sick or lethargic or not eating for some reason, we pet parents feel helpless.

Believe it or not, pets can communicate with us. You probably recognize many of the signals your pet gives you and you try to respond by giving them what they want.

This is a strong part of my gift - I understand animals really well!

Click here to learn what animal healing services I offer.

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