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Shamamama works to balance your spiritual energy levels through the ancient tradition of Shamanic Energy Healing.


There are many ways to make your space feel GREAT, by spiritual cleansing and blessing!

Have you ever walked into a space (a home, a potential home, an office) and felt a bad vibe? Or maybe it just felt "off" to you? Chances are that the space is holding old, bad energy, that simply needs to be cleansed in order to make it feel great again.

On the flip side, maybe you've stepped into someone's home and felt "ahh - this is a GREAT place!" The place has a good vibe and you wish to stay.

Spaces, like people, acquire and hold energies of past experiences, people, and events. Too many negative energies can cause a place to feel yucky.

Create Your Happy Home

Spiritual House Cleansing is the technique of taking disruptive energies and transforming them into energies that are healing and helpful. Everyone wants to live in a home that “just feels good”, and you can create that happy home feeling by cleansing the home’s energy.

Shamanic Practitioner, Karen Adamski employs a variety of practices determined by the type of disturbance or obstacle presented. Shamanic Techniques are basic to virtually every culture and work with spirits, energy and the elements.. Often she will use such tools as water, crystals, salts, and smudging, vibrational sound work, and prayer to clear unwanted and/or unneeded energy from a property.

Who Can Use a Spiritual House Cleansing & Blessing?

What does it cost?

For a typical 4 bedroom home: $150.00
Offices start at: $500.00

Get a Gift Certificate Now

Gift Options
  • New home owners who want to start fresh!
  • After a traumatic or dramatic event takes place
  • After a death has occurred in the home
  • After construction or remodel has been completed
  • Before a home goes on the market
  • During a home renovation project if issues arise
  • During or after an illness
  • Someone suffering from depression
  • Before a new baby arrives

Great for offices, schools, business buildings and more!

crystals opt

Blessings can be done remotely too!

Give the Gift of Spiritual Well-Being to your family, friends, clients, and co-workers!

Realtors - give your clients a house warming gift unlike any other!

Imagine how excited your client will be when they enter their home after closing, to find it feels GREAT! A fresh, new vibe, with a clean slate!​

Offering a House Cleansing as a gift is a beautiful and loving way to offer homeowners the opportunity to fully own and create the living space they desire.

If a home has a difficult history, cleansing the home can bring it back to a happy and uplifting state.

Our Workshops

Mini Vision Quest – Cleansing Forest

February 17, 2020 | 9:00 AM
Ticket Price:$75 - $95
Available Seats: 19

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Honoring Your Abilities In The ‘Real World’ February 2020

February 19, 2020 | 7:00 PM
Available Seats: 20

Learn and explore ways to apply and share your unique intuitive abilities and discuss common …


Full Moon Drumming Circle March 2020

March 9, 2020 | 7:00 PM
Available Seats: 20

Please join me for this sacred experience where we bring in and connect with the …


Full Moon Drumming Circle April 2020

April 8, 2020 | 7:00 PM
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Please join me for this sacred experience where we bring in and connect with the …


claudia square pic new

"After Karen ran my bars® I felt GREAT! It's hard to describe the experience I had. I could definitely feel like I was releasing negative energy and even saw some ancient artifacts float through. I have NO idea what that was! But afterwards I felt lighter and happier. I also felt ultra focused for several weeks after. That was really an added bonus! I definitely recommend you try this unique energy healing. I'm ready to become a regular!"

Claudia Loens, San Jose


"I was thrilled with the journey meditation that Karen did for me. She did the meditation journey to find my power animal. What impressed me the most is the confidence and trust, which she has in her spirit helpers. She explains all about her journey and tells you in detail all she sees, but then leaves the interpreting to you. In this journey, Karen had a vision that only I would understand and connect with and I know she had no way of having that information."

Connie E., San Jose

nancy square

"Through earned wisdom you led me down a path of beauty like I have never seen. You guided me on a healing journey where I connected with my soul and received guidance and direction from my healing. It was beautiful, and I am forever grateful."

Nancy B., San Jose

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