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As far back as I can remember I have always been drawn to color and texture. I have always felt comfortable while creating. Even through a successful human resources career in high-tech, I have found my creative brain took over. I am fascinated by art. I am comforted by art.  Art is medicine for me.

If you want to know a little more about me, scroll down, or check out my crystal, art, and overall good juju store on Etsy by clicking here.

More About the Artist

When my husband Dave and I were first married he gifted me an easel and paint set as a gift. I was thrilled, and I started right in by painting a picture of our home. I would go out front every day around the same time so the light was the same and I would spend time painting. I found that I would easily lose track of time, and I found myself going on a bit of a “mental vacation” while painting, and I would often loose track of time. This is how I discovered Meditation!

I enjoy using bright colors and I often use both my fingers and brushes as tools. Layering with intention is a big part of my process. I most often I am guided by the colors and shapes that show up as I paint. It’s somewhat of a spiritual practice. As a Shamanic Practitioner I often find myself drawn to painting animals, feathers, faces, trees, and the elements.

Acrylic paints are my most common medium however I do enjoy mixing paper and natural ingredients into my paper for mixed media art. And I love painting on just about anything… Canvas, paper, fences, rocks, houses, doors, utility boxes, etc.

As a Certified Creatively Fit Coach, I enjoy teaching others how to connect with themselves while painting and create from their heart without being “perfect”. I love working with children and adults of all ages during painting workshops and one-on-one.

You can find more about me on our About page and can schedule an appointment there!

Our Workshops

Sound Bath & Qi Gong

September 4, 2023 | 6:00 PM

Join us in community for this one time transformative healing session with ShamaMama and Qi-Tom. …


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