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Video Blog – Shamanic Journeying — A glimpse of what it's like to journey

By Karen Adamski | July 13, 2014

In this video blog I share a story with you of the time I visited […]

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By Karen Adamski | July 12, 2014

In this video blog I chat about power animals….what they are, and how to find […]

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Video Blog – What to expect when you visit a Shaman

By Karen Adamski | July 11, 2014

This is video blog #16 in my “1 video blog a day for 30 days” […]

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Video Blog – Full Moon Energy

By Karen Adamski | July 10, 2014

In this video blog I talk about the energy of the full moon, and tell […]

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Video Blog – 15 Day Update and Random Personal Thoughts

By Karen Adamski | July 9, 2014

This is an impromptu video blog that I was inspired to do today.  I give you […]

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Video Blog – 10 Minutes of Drumming for YOU!

By Karen Adamski | July 9, 2014

In this video blog, I share my shamanic drum with you.  Drumming is one of […]

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Video Blog – Crystal Grids 101

By Karen Adamski | July 8, 2014

In this video blog, I talk about Crystal Grids.  I explain what they are, how […]

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Video Blog – ALTARS….What they are for, and how you can make one

By Karen Adamski | July 7, 2014

In this ShamaMama video blog, shamanic practitioner Karen Adamski chats about altars.  Karen will explain […]

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Video Blog – What is a Medicine Bag, and what is it used for?

By Karen Adamski | July 4, 2014

Medicine bags have been used by shamanic practitioners for thousands of years.  In this video […]

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Video Blog – Crystal Elixirs

By Karen Adamski | July 3, 2014

In todays video I introduce you to crystal elixirs, which are a wonderful natural healing […]

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Video Blog – Crystals for Grounding

By Karen Adamski | July 2, 2014

Today I’m excited to tell you about three of my favorite crystals used for grounding […]

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Video Blog – Shamanism vs. Corporate America

By Karen Adamski | July 1, 2014

In today’s video blog, I discuss my experience working within corporate America and how that […]

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