What does a Shaman do?

923083_660744497315611_1652046929_nWhat do I do?… Well, I am a modern day shamanic practitioner. People often call me a “shaman”, and I AM a shaman. I am not comfortable with referring to myself as a shaman – not sure why, but it is what it is. So what does it mean to be a shaman?

I feel a strong connection with Mother Earth and all living things. I have a connection with the elements and the directions. I am able to communicate with the “spirit world”, and I often receive messages for other people. And, I am an energy worker, meaning I am able to feel sense and sometimes see energy. I have been taught how to move energy for healing and/or to build a more positive environment. So, as a shamanic practitioner I do a lot of things that all kind of come together into this really cool way of living. I’ll try to break some of this down a bit….

1536613_656444814412246_143932580_nI am a seer – I see visions, often messages that are meant for other people. At times I see spirits of people who have passed. I see messages from the spirit world in this ordinary world. Many times these messages are delivered by animals.

I am a traveler – You may have heard the term “journeying” before…that’s what this is. I have been trained to travel into different worlds by reaching altered states of consciousness via meditation. The lower world is a magical place filled with animals, nature and magical colors. The upper world is a place that is very cosmic. Both the lower world and the upper world are very safe, loving and knowledge filled places. The middle worlds can be a bit tricky (this is a whole separate conversation).

1654378_662357483820979_284640838_nI am the hollow bone. This is a shaman’s fancy way of saying I can deliver messages back and forth between this ordinary world that we are living in and the spirit worlds. I am a messenger between worlds. With every journey I take, I have a specific intention for that journey. Often, my intention is to connect with spirit helpers who can aid me in finding an answer to a specific question. I journey for myself often, but I also journey for other people then deliver a message back to them.

I am a guide – I can help you go on a meditative journey in search of answers, or to meet your power animal(s). Sometimes this works well for a client. Sometimes it is not productive. In this case, I will journey for a client at a later date to seek answers on their behalf.

mother earthI am a kind of spiritual housecleaner – we all have baggage that we carry around with us. We all have emotional upsets that have led to energy blockages in our bodies. I can pull out the negative and the unneeded energy and send it away. It’s kind of like cleaning a toilet…..shit builds up, and at some point a good cleaning is needed.

Chakra balancing is also a common reason people come to see me.  This is a simply and easy form of energy cleansing that is good to do on a regular basis.  Just like getting the oil changed in your car….cleansing your chakras is a great way to stay fit and balanced.

Pray IndianI communicate with spirit – We all have the ability to do this. It’s not something that came to me without trying. I had to learn to slow down and get grounded. But I did it, and I’m telling you if I can communicate with spirits, so can YOU! You just have to find your path and stay on it. I enjoy journeying on behalf of others, and I find this kind of spiritual work especially rewarding when I come back with a message that holds significance to my client.

I am a dowser – As a seasoned dowser, I am often contacted to help locate water, lay lines, minerals, and unmarked graves. Dowsing is also an excellent way to communicate with spirit energies, and get answers to specific questions.

crystalsI am a Certified Crystal Healer – I have to hold myself back here, because I LOVE everything about crystals and stones!…I could go on and on about it. There are so many ways crystals aid and enhance your life. I use crystals in just about every shamanic practice I take part in. I also enjoy bringing healing and comfort to clients through crystal healing sessions. A crystal healing session is fantastic for any living thing (person, animal, plant, etc.) and uses the energy from specific crystals to heal and/or relax the being. If you think this sounds like a bunch of nonsense, just watch a crystal healing session being done on an animal. It’s pretty darn cool!

I let my intuition guide me. I have learned that by following my intuition I am allowing myself to be more easily guided by spirit. I would expect that all healers and seers feel this way to some extent. Sometimes a person will come to me asking for confirmation that they are on the right path, or if they are interpreting their own feelings/intuition. I can either follow my own intuition or connect with a sprit helper to help answer these questions. Often, the answers are not a simple “yes”, “no” or “maybe”. But whatever the outcome, it holds some kind of answer for client.

I hope this has shed some light on what a shaman is, and what a shaman does.  Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.  I would love to hear from you.  Thank you for your time and interest.

Namaste. —- Karen


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