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Come Paint With Me!!

Come take an ALOHA BREAK with me on Saturday Feb 9th. We will be painting Foolproof Sunsets….yep foolproof!!  I will guide you step by step through this easy and relaxing painting process.  As you create your sunset painting, I will help you see the sky, the sea, the land and the trees with new eyes that will see even deeper beauty in the world around you.

I specifically chose to host this workshop in the cold of winter so we can bask in a warm tropical sunset for a couple of hours. A lite lunch is included with this workshop as are all the materials and supplies.  $40 per person.  RSVP as space is limited.   Feb 9th from  11:00am – 1:00pm at my place (3864 Willowood Drive)  Hope you can make it!!  And if you are not local to San Jose….no worries!!…. I will be hosting this class online within then next couple of weeks.  You can find my online school


What is a “Power Animal”?

You have most likely heard of one of the following….Animal Totem, Spirit Animal, Animal Helper, Spirit Guide, Animal Spirit, or Power Animal or Spirit Helper.  Basically, all of these titles are the same thing, and I typically refer to them as Power Animals.  Power animals are guardian spirits…. similar to the concept of guardian angels.   We all have them, whether or not we are consciously aware of them. Children are more

aware than adults are, and we see this reflected in their strong and loving attachment to toy animals and pets. Many indigenous people believe that childhood cannot be survived without the guardianship of these spirit allies.  They protect us, keep us full of power, health and enthusiasm and prevent negative energies and illnesses from entering our energy field.

Most people have at least one spirit helper in animal form. It is possible to have more. As a rule, these helpers are present whether we are consciously aware of them or not. They provide protection, assistance, wisdom, direction and companionship. In a shamanic worldview, the individual’s personal power and physical vitality is a gift from these helpers, hence the term “Power Animals”. These spirits generally take the form of undomesticated animals and like their physical counterparts, they are apt to come and go as they please. When one — for whatever reason — leaves the company of a person, another power animal usually appears to take its place. However, if that does not happen, the person may experience a loss of personal power which might manifest as serious illness, emotional malaise, extraordinary bad luck, personal crisis or some other noticeable way.

Sometimes a power animal leaves suddenly for unknown reasons. When this happens, the person becomes dis-empowered and the result is misfortune and/or illness. The services of a shamanic practitioner can retrieve the power animal for the client in “non-ordinary” reality (assisted by the shaman’s power animal) and return it to the client in this reality. Specific symptoms which indicate the need for a power animal retrieval include repeated misfortune or accidents, chronic and debilitating illness, depression and, in extreme cases, a lack of will to live.

A shaman addresses this loss of power by journeying into the spirit world to discover an animal spirit that had previously been their client’s companion. Prevailing upon the animal’s compassion, the shaman invites it to return to its human friend. If the animal agrees, the shaman escorts it back to the client.  This practice is referred to as a Power Animal Retrieval. After such a retrieval the client may experience a resurgence of power, health or effectiveness.  Retrieving a power animal is a fundamental way to retrieve a person’s innate, instinctual energies, of re-spiriting a person, re-integrating their core energies and bringing them a true ally for healing, for life-guiding and for relationship.  Pretty cool stuff!!!…Do you know your Power Animal?  I’m here to help if you would like to learn more.

Animal Medicine & Crystals

Since the beginning of documented time, people have been using both Animal Medicine and Crystal Healing in conjunction with one another. By merging similar energies, you can build some very powerful healing, meditative, and journeying tools.  For example, merging Whale Medicine with crystals that carry its same or similar vibration is a powerful and beautiful practice that will aid you in diving deeper into your creative soul.  Discovering the ancient knowledge you carry within YOU, and learning to listen and trust your inner voice is just one example of what Whale Medicine can bring to you.  Fluorite (especially green, blue and/or mixed) aligns energetically with Whale Medicine, as does Lapis Lazuli, and Lemurian Seed Quartz.  These crystals can be used as tools to communicate more clearly with Whale, and to align your mind, body and spirit with her energy vibration.  These three crystals may be used in combination with one another, or individually. Use your intuition and work with the stones that feel right to you.


Whale is Mother Earth’s record keeper, and is often referred to as a ‘swimming library’, as Whale carries the history and knowledge of Mother Earth.   As a totem, Whale teaches you about listening to your inner voice, understanding the impact your emotions have on your everyday life. Whale teaches you, and aids you in following your own truth. Those who walk with the whale as their animal totem are in touch with true reality. They are nurturers and go-getters who understand there is more to this life than meets the eye. According to tribal legend, Whale moved from land into the ocean when the Earth shifted, and Lemuria went below the waves. It seems fitting that the vibration of Lemurian Seed Quartz matches nicely Whale Medicine.

This ‘Whale Bundle’ was inspired by Whitney Freya’s teachings via her Certified Creatively Fit Coaching program.  To learn more about Whitney’s CCFC program and many other fun and AMAZING workshops, please visit:


Give Love & Healing This Valentine’s Day


Show your LOVE with the gift of CBD this Valentines Day! ️ As an authorized re-seller for both Joy Organics and CBD Health & Wellness, I would be honored to assist you with any of your CBD questions/needs. Just

think…this Valentine’s Day you could give your loved one(s) the gift of less pain, or less anxiety, and/or more mental focus, skin health and much more.

Many Thanks

Thank you for taking the time to read this email, and many thanks for your ongoing support.

Thank you for being YOU, and for making this world a better place.  Thank you for adding light to our community. Thank you for your knowledge and your teaching.  I am grateful for you.  NAMASTE —- Karen

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