The heART of Your Community


Many blessings to you on this beautiful day.

When you walk around your community, do find your eyes being drawn to beauty?

Depending on where we are roaming, sometimes beauty can be easy to spot,  and sometimes not.  But no mater where you are, BEAUTY IS THERE.  Maybe it’s a flower growing from a crack in the pavement, or a mural painted on a wall,  or maybe synchronized lights as you pass through a tunnel, or perhaps you see hidden pieces of art placed amongst your neighborhood trees.  Beauty is always around us…. created naturally or created by people.  This is the heART of your community.

Taking my oath
I took my oath via Zoom the other day 🙂

I have been giving my community beauty extra thought lately because I was recently appointed to the position of  San Jose Arts Commissioner for District 9.  There are 10 districts within San Jose, and each district has an assigned commissioner.  So, I get to sit on a board with some really super cool and interesting people while making my community even better.  How neat is that?

In San Jose, the Arts Commission’s areas of interest include cultural planning, financial support for the arts and for cultural celebrations, neighborhood arts, public art and creative placemaking, arts education, and other issues that affect public opportunities to be both arts audience as well as art maker and participant, and the role of artists and arts enterprises in. sustaining the creative economy.

Are you familiar with the community arts organization in your city?  Have you attended meetings?  EVERYONE is welcome to them, and attending is a good way to get to know your community in a more beautiful way….literally.  🙂

If you would like to contact me in relation to art in the City of San Jose, please email me directly at:

Namaste.  Have a great day!



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