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August 2019

Slow downBe stillLook upBe silent… Stand strong like a Mountain… These are messages that I heard loud and clear during my time away at Lake Tahoe. I am choosing to listen, and I am committed to moving forward with these messages in mind. However, as I returned home to “reality” I almost immediately felt a strong “tug” pulling me to my to-do list. I felt the urgency of needing to hurry up and get things done. I felt the pressure of project deadlines looming. So… how do I continue to be successful and productive yet remain balanced?

Some things I am changing immediately are:

  1. I will turn my phone on “do not disturb” for periods throughout every day.
  2. I will not sit at my computer for more than two hours.
  3. I will spend time in my yard tending to the plants & Earth every day.
  4. I will dance every day whether I want to or not.
  5. I will promote & rely more often on my website booking system to take appointments.

I feel by honoring the messages I received from the Lake, I will gain the clarity and balance needed to continue to grow, love & live more deeply.

Conquering Fears

I checked two items off of my bucket list while at Lake Tahoe this summer.  It feels awesome and liberating!!!

Me/Peter Pan (left)   Emily/Tinker Bell (right)

First Fear Squashed:   My dear friend Emily Kritzer and I made an agreement a few years ago that we would hot air balloon or para-sail to conquer our fear of heights. Well guess what?!… We did it! And we rocked it!  We squashed that fear like a little bug.  Emily and I are both stronger for it, and our friendship is even deeper. I am feeling so super grateful and strong!….and a little bit like Peter Pan.

Second Fear Squashed:  Approximately five years ago I had a very humiliating experience while learning to paddle-board on the Lake. I had rented a board and brought it out to the water at Kings Beach (a popular and very busy beach). In the shallow waters  I tried, and tried, and tried to balance on that board. After I had exhausted myself, I took the walk of shame across the beach to return my board.  During my walk across the hot sand there were many people making comments and letting me know that I was “great entertainment”. Some people even clapped for me. I smiled & laughed it off.  But inside I was hurting, and I felt defeated, and I felt ashamed.

Fast forward to today… I am over 100 pounds lighter and I do yoga every day.  I rented that board, I got on it, and I paddled off like a pro! I rocked it! I didn’t even fall once. In that moment, and even as I write these words, I am SO flipping proud of myself!  

The moral of this story: Get out there and conquer your fears! What are you afraid of? Take that fear and squash it!…It’s liberating and empowering, and YOU deserve that!


Beaver Medicine

I’ve spent some good time with my Beaver friends lately. There’s a beautiful beach just northeast of Tahoe City where we often bring our dogs. Ava loves to run like a speeding bullet throughout the meadow, Monet likes to chase the swallows  up and down the shore in knee-deep water barking and barking until her voice is almost gone. Darcy likes to wander, daydream, eat grass and go slow. We refer to this spot as “The Dog Beach”.  But, it’s really Beaver Territory! The puppies and I had lots of fun exploring the different areas where the Beavers roam. To learn more about Beaver Medicine, and see this beautiful territory, check out this video I made:

Save The Dates!

I have 3 upcoming Mini Vision Quest events scheduled throughout the upcoming season.  I have hosted a few Mini Quests over the past months and they have been magical, powerful and filled with both personal and community learning.  Everyone who has attended has asked for more! Woohoo!  So, I’m doing it!! These one day events are created in an effort to help people unwind, slow down, unplug, learn ancient meditative tools and practices, spend intentional time in solitude (yes, you can do it), come together with others, and learn about sacred locations right here in our own back yard.  I will guide you through the day of spiritual learning and adventure, which also includes a meaningful craft lesson. I am purposefully posting minimal details (for now) about each event as it’s  fun to keep the events somewhat of a surprise until closer to the event date.  I think it ads to exploration, fun and mystery of the day.  The event dates I have to offer as follows:

  1. Friday September 13th 9:00am – 5:00pm Secret Watering Hole – Go With The Flow: Play in the forest, climb boulders, put your feet (or your whole gorgeous body) into the bubbling waters of a beautiful river, or float in one of it’s still pools. Connect with your inner child.  Connect with Mother Nature as you ground, release, and heal.  The overall hiking for this day will be approximately 2 miles, which is easy to moderate. There is some amount of boulder and root hiking required, but it is doable for most anyone if you take it slow and stick with a buddy.  Many of our Elders often visit this spot which to me is a sign that most anyone can do it. More details to follow.
  2. Friday October 18th 9:00am – 5:00pm  History & Healing – Mount Umunhum and Beyond: We will begin this day by circling up upon the top of Mount Umunhum.  This spot has been considered sacred land since people first lived here.   Native Ohlone Tribes still worship, practice and celebrate here.  We will spend time as a group healing this sacred Mountain.  We will step back in time and travel to other spots on/around the Mountain as we explore both nature and history.  I will even take you to one of my favorite pioneer graveyards that is filled with spirit activity.  Hiking for the day is easy to moderate with options for those who want more of a challenge.  Overall we will hike up to 2 miles.  More details to follow.
  3. Friday December 6th 9:00am – 5:00pm Cleansing via Mother Nature’s Showers:  Enjoy a day of cleansing and grounding within beautiful and damp forest.  Cleansing waters make their way to us in many different ways.  Come hang out with, and learn from, the Salamanders and Banana Slugs. Don’t worry, we will stay warm.  Rain gear is recommended, as are warm/water resistant shoes.  Old sneakers, hiking boots, or rain boots would would well.  This day will include a moderate hike of just over 1 mile. More details to follow.

To take a peek at one of the past Mini Vision Quests that I hosted, please visit:

To learn more about all the fun workshops and events that are happening around here, including THIS WEEKS Full Moon Drumming Circle (Thurs 8/15) & Honoring Your Abilities meeting (Wed Aug 14), please visit my calendar page:

My Crystal Store Is OPEN!!

Carborundum aka Claudia’s Stone

We collected a number of treasures from some of my favorite suppliers over this past month. I can’t wait to share all our new treasures with you soon via my online store.  And my Dad and I will be harvesting over 200 pounds of honey in a couple of weeks so you will find a full supply of honey and beeswax products in stock as well.

How Are YOU Feeling?

Everybody deserves a time out to have their chakras balanced, their energy cleansed, learn to meditate deeply in their own way, spend time in their own sacred space,  connect with spirit,  or ask for guidance and receive some direction. I offer private sessions for people and animals of all ages, and I would love to assist you. If you are interested in learning more about the sessions I offer and/or would like to book a session please visit:


Many thanks for your time today.  I wish you and your loved ones all the best.  May you always Walk In Beauty and squash your fears along the way.

Namaste — Karen

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