My Life Changed Today

……Yep, my life changed today.

I know that sounds kind of corny, but it’s totally true!  Today, I had the pleasure of being very aware of my life changing in one moment of realization.  Changing for the better!

A couple of weeks ago, I started feeling those pesky twinges of financial worry.  I hate when that happens!  I have been much better about “chilling out” in regard to knowing when my next contract may come along, and at what pay rate.  See, I have been in the employment industry for close to thirty years now.  Over the past 14 years, I have been working as a self-employed HR Consultant and Recruiter.  I used to love my work, and I was very good at it.  I still am very good at it, but honestly, my career no longer fulfills me in anyway other than providing me with a greatly appreciated paycheck.

My life has been shifting.  I have been studying Parapsychology, Metaphysics and Spirituality for the last 15+ years. The more I look for spiritual-type answers, the more I feel I don’t fit into an environment that I have been in for so long….a corporate environment.  I have become more selective about whom I will work with, but ultimately my career goal has been to bring in money to help support my family…..same as most everyone else.  Oh yes, there was that one time I did literally laugh at AT&T when they asked me to help them hire staff.  You have to draw the line somewhere, right?  Anyhoo, the point I am trying to get to is, I don’t enjoy fitting into a corporate environment.  I just don’t.  See how I worded that?…I am able to fit in to a corporate environment, I just don’t enjoy it.  I think a lot of people understand this feeling.  ShamaMama is a product of this slow but strong transformation I am making.

So, when I started to get those twinges of money worries that I mentioned earlier, I asked the Universe to help me find a happy path to financial security.  I just want to get my kids through college, be sure the mortgage gets paid, and live a happy, simple and fulfilled life. So, I put it out there into the Universe.  I faithfully believe in the Law of Attraction, so I felt sure everything would work out….it always does!  But behind the curtain of my mind, I was mentally running around like a wild banshee looking for my next gig.  Yep, the happy shaman lady was talking the talk, but not truly walking the walk.  Busted!  🙂

Today, I got my answer.  Thank you Universe!!!  Here’s how it played out:  I had an appointment at the Universal Connection in Willow Glen with Jena Kocian for an energy clearing session.  I have seen Jena in the past, and she is awesome!  My daughter Hailey goes to Jena as well, and when Hailey came home the other day she looked like she had just had the massage of a lifetime!  She said she had been to see Jena, and that “Jena did this new thing where she used her fingers on my head and it got rid of a ton of shit. I feel great!”  Lovely language, from my beautiful daughter…. 🙂 When I saw Jena today, I asked for what ever Hailey had.


Jena ran my Bars® I don’t know how to explain what it was like, other than saying that for me, it was “crazy amazing”.  I could not feel anything leaving my body, but I was definitely aware of the energy being created or balanced.  I saw different colors and shapes.  It was kind of like watching a lava lamp in my head.  I felt extremely relaxed.  I know my daughter said she fell into a very deep sleep during her session.  I talked through most of mine.  I talked about what I was seeing and feeling.  There is no right or wrong way to receive this kind of healing, which in my opinion is probably one of the things that make it great.

Here’s my nutshell version of that running Bars is about:  There are 32 points on the head that are referred to as “Bars”.  These Bars represent things like Your Body, Money, Healing, Creativity, Joy, Peace & Calm, and many more.  Having your Bars run is a great way to deeply relax the body and let go of stuff that no longer serves you, or is no longer needed.  It’s somewhat similar to what a Shaman would call an Extraction, but to me the practice of running Bars seems and even feels like having someone reboot your internal personal hard drive.   I could actually feel the space and the quite in my brain when I sat up from the table.  The brain chatter was gone.  There was space in there.  And no, not the “air head” kind of space!  It’s like a space that can now take in new information.  I will be filling my new space with all positive things – woohoo!!  If you have ever read Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now, having your Bars run kind of feel like the teachings within that book:  Teachings about living in the Now.  Not yesterday, not an hour from now, but right now.  I can actually feel the Now, which sounds a bit kooky, but I swear I can feel it!

It was this simple healing practice that I received from Jena has changed my life.  I will be learning to run Bars.  I will be adding this healing practice to my list of service posted on   I know business will boom because this is such an effective healing method.  People will be happier and at peace after having their Bars run, and word of this healing will spread.   My hope is there will be many healers running Bars of folks throughout the US in the very near future.  I just can’t see this not happening!  I will still keep my toes in the HR and Staffing arena, but running Bars will soon be my steady and abundant form of income.  Thank you Universe!

So, I guess I leave you with a “COMING SOON!”  I am planning to complete my Bars training by the middle of July.  As soon as I am licensed I will be offering Bar Running services.  This is a really big deal for me.  And, if I am being 100% honest with you, I must admit that I feel that little butterfly in my tummy…  There is still some anxiety there.  Maybe that is simply part of the blueprint of being human? Or, maybe I have more work ahead in the anxiety area.  I’m really not sure, but, I am  sure that this is a pivotal and extremely positive next step in my journey as a shamanic practitioner and as a kind, caring and happy human.

Namaste my friend!  Be kind, be well and have fun!   — Karen


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