Live Aloha!


Many blessings to you and yours on this day. I hope that you and yours are staying healthy and safe during these interesting and challenging times. I just wanted to check in to send YOU some L-O-V-E!

Sea Turtle reminds us to balance creativity with practicality.

I would like to share my recent trip to the big island of Hawaii with you. It was a fun, safe and interesting trip. We left on the morning of the day the virus news started to escalate…I was even interviewed by a local news station as we arrived at the San Jose Airport! Kind of a funny way to start a trip.

Dave and I were a bit nervous about traveling but we were prepared with wipes for the plane and we kept ourselves as germ free as possible. Our stay on the island was wonderful, and we felt somewhat removed from the virus anxieties that were being felt back at home. Throughout the duration of our trip the number of tourists became fewer and fewer. It turned out that our originally made travel plans fit perfectly into the short lived “open window” for safe traveling. Such a blessing!! By the end of our stay on the island it was so quiet…almost apocalyptic feeling.

Dave and I returned home safe, sound and healthy. Because of our airline travel we have been self quarantining….as I write these words we are currently on day 5 of our quarantine.

Zoom has become my good friend.  I am conducting shamanic sessions & blessings, crystal healing, and CBD consultations from my home office via Zoom.  If you are interested in booking a session with me, simply book your appointment here on my webpage and I will follow up with you and provide you with ID code for your personal and confidential Zoom web call.  It’s as easy as that!

Mahalo for your time and interest today.  May you and yours stay healthy and strong during this strange time. Stay connected to your friends and family.  Be sure to exercise and do things that bring you joy and make you laugh out loud.  And don’t forget to listen to music!!!…it’s good medicine for your mind, body and spirit.  Crank it up and dance like nobody’s watching!!


XOXO — Karen

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