I Love Dirty Rocks!

I love rocks.  I love dirt.  If you mix the two together I love them even more!

I was seriously in my element and doing what I love.  I am feeling so grateful to have the ability to make a living doing things that feed and grow my soul.

I’m always searching for quality ethically mined crystals, and I enjoy exploring new places along my journey.  Dave and I took a trip to the Sierra Nevada Mountains to find some new treasures to add to our Online Crystal Store.  We made some new business contacts and discovered some fun new places.  Life is good and Mother Earth is beautiful!

Wild Horses in Nevada

We traveled through a few small towns in Nevada, one of them being Nevada City where we founds lots of crystals and stones as well as a herd of wild horses in the middle of an old cemetery.  How cool is that?!

From Nevada we traveled South-West to the Pinnacles National Park in California.  It’s such a beautiful and interesting place.  Both the geology and the history of this special place are extremely interesting.  Although we did not collect any rocks at the Pinnacles (bad juju) we played among them!  We hiked and explored the different caves and rock formations, and searched for bats along the way.  So fun! 

Large piece of Lapillituff at the Pinnacles 

And finally, we searched for Big Sur Jade and Serpentine (the state rock of California) during low tide at a special and secluded spot in Big Sur CA.  We did well!  I can’t wait to share our treasures with the world.  I’m just starting to check in our new inventory so keep your eyes peeled for our new postings.

We will also be hosting our annual Crystal Boutique on Saturday December 7th from 9:00am – 3:00pm.

Big Sur California – Looking for Big Sur Jade and Serpentine


Many thanks for your interest and your support.  Remember to follow YOUR dreams and create your own magical adventures. 🙂  I wish you all the best and tons of love.

Namaste —- Karen

Chilly Lake Tahoe California


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