Free Energy Healing – 5 spots open!

Now Open:  5 complimentary one hour Access

Consciousness Bars® sessions

FREE 1 hour session to the first 5 people to commit to the following:

1.   You can commit to an in-person healing within the next 7 days

2.  The session will take place in San Jose, CA

3.  You agree to providing me with a honest testimonial about your session that I may post on , within 24 hours of your session

Are you wondering what a Bars Session is?  If so, here is a quick description of what it’s like to you’re your bars run:

Have you ever wanted to just feel complete joy? Do you feel run down and stressed all the time, with a constant buzzing in your head? Are there things in your past that you wish to release but don’t know how? Introducing bars®. Bars® is a transformational treatment that will help you with all of that and more. It is a gentle, nurturing treatment whereby you simply relax while the practitioner gently touches 32 energy points on your head. Running the bars® means these energy points will be turned on and can then help you release old memories, patterns, energy and emotions. At the very least, you will feel completely relaxed afterwards, similar to receiving a wonderful massage. Each person’s experience is different, but all have said they felt AMAZING after their experience. Call me TODAY to schedule your transformational bars® run. You will feel so good!


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