Your Next Door Neighbor May Be a Shaman



I find it fascinating that Shamans’ throughout history have practiced in areas that are so removed from what we consider “nature”.  When I learned this, it was a big surprise to me, as I assumed Shamanism was typically practiced while in some kind of jungle or desert setting.  I understand now that Shamanism may be, and IS, practiced in all kinds of locations throughout the world, both rural and urban.

When practicing shamanism, it is the awareness and the listening with our shamanic senses “dialed way up” that is super important….along with a clear doorway to your Shamanic State of Consciousness (SSC).  Becoming aware of your shamanic senses is like tuning  in the dial on a radio.  It gets easier to tune into the channel the more you do it.  This makes so much sense to me, and I am very conscious of it when I have difficulty achieving a SSC.  If I visualize “tuning in” it helps me grasp a solid SSC.  This practice, for me, was very important when I was learning to gain my stable footing as a practitioner.  A good shaman understands that hearing and listening are very different things.  I think this is a good practice for any person, whether they are practicing shamanism or not….but that’s just my two cents.  🙂


So, it really doesn’t matter where a shamanic practitioner lives.  Yes, it may be more enjoyable to connect with Spirit while in nature, but it is not necessary.  The bottom line is….when you are in a SSC, the location of your physical body does not matter.   A shaman may live anywhere, and they do!  Who knows…..your next door neighbor may be a shaman!

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