Who May Benefit From Shamanism?


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Any living thing on Earth may benefit from shamanism, whether it be living a shamanic lifestyle or visiting and working with a shaman. Plants and animals are kind of a “no-brainer” – Most living things, other than humans, are deeply and instinctually rooted to Mama Earth. This instinct is still active for most living things, so it’s only natural that any kind of Earth and/or energy work will be very well received.  This is why I do so many animal healing sessions.

Human beings also have this instinctual tie to Mama Earth. But, for many people this natural instinct has been “lost”, or unconsciously turned off. I believe that as our species evolved, greed and ego took root and just kept growing like crab grass…to the point we have become very broken, including broken away from our connection to Mama Earth. As humans, we have destroyed much what should be most sacred to us. So, when looking at all living things on Earth, it’s us humans who have gone sideways in my opinion.

So, are you wondering if working with a shaman may be beneficial to you? Are you wondering if you may enjoy living a shamanic lifestyle? Here are some examples of ways you might benefit from shamanism:

  • If you feel stressed out and find it difficult to find time for yourself, shamanism may guide you in many ways. Meditation, communicating with nature and spirit, and even the simple act of grounding can drastically lower your level(s) of stress.


  • Would you like to connect and communicate with Spirit? A shaman can help you with this communication.
  • Do you have goals you would like to achieve? Are there challenges you would like to conquer? Are there obstacles in your life path that you would like to clear out of the way? These are all areas where a shaman can help.

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  • If you are ill, or even simply experiencing aches and pains, a shaman can assist in your recovery. It’s important for me to state that you should always see your medical doctor when you’re not feeling well, but a shaman can certainly enhance your healing through energetic and spiritual practices.
  • Are you looking for personal guidance? If so, shaman may be extremely helpful to you. Through energy work, journeying and spirit communication, a shaman can be like a magical messenger!
  • Got ghosts? A shaman can help spirits that are stuck in the middle world cross over.ghosts


  • When you wish to cleanse the energy of your home, business or even a person, a shaman can help!

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  • Do you know your power animal? Do you know who your totem animals are? We all have them, and they are lovingly with us for support, protection and guidance. If you would like to discover and meet your animal helpers, a shaman can help.
  • If you are missing a piece of your soul (I know, it sounds horrible, huh?! It’s not as scary as it sounds, I promise!) a shaman can help bring your missing soul pieces back to you. It’s an awesome thing!


  • If you or a loved one is preparing to transition from this life, a shaman can bring guidance and support. Post transition support is also naturally beneficial.



  • When you are feeling heavy, or like you’re in a funk, a shaman can help cleanse your personal energy, and balance your chakras. This is something everyone can benefit from whether they have an interest in shamanism or not. It’s kind of like taking your car to Jiffy Lube for an oil change. You can visit a shaman to get your energy all cleaned up and running fresh.
  • Marriages, funerals, blessings, drumming circles….. sacred ceremonies are common reasons that people seek out a shaman.
  • Do you want to learn how to do any of the things I have mentioned above? I feel safe saying that any shaman would gladly teach you how to do these things yourself.
  • If you love spending time in nature, you have already incorporated a bit of shamanism into your lifestyle. There are so many ways to live in balance with nature, no matter where you live. If this sparks your interest, I invite you to visit https://shamamama.com/shaman-lifestyle/ to learn more.

Basically, if you are looking for any kind of guidance or healing in relation to mind, body and/or spirit, a shaman may be a good resource for you. Although I know every human could benefit from some sort of shamanic practice, I also understand that it’s not for everyone. But, if you have read my blog this far, chances are you are at least a smidge open to it, and that’s all that is needed for you to receive healing.

Be well, be kind and may you always walk in beauty.  Namaste!

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