Two Moms On A Mission – Spreading the word about CBD

I am so thankful for CBD and the hemp plant for which it comes from.  CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of Mother Natures miracle medicines.  Although people have been using CBD and other hemp derivatives for as long as man has been documenting history, CBD has just recently become legal and socially excepted in the United States.   I made this video to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about CBD:

Two Moms on a Mission!

I really wish I had access to CBD 30+ years ago. I think about my kids and all of the medications they were prescribed growing up. Much of these past-prescribed medications now seem unnecessary. Medications for pain, anxiety, inflammation, eczema, ADD, back pain, migraine headaches, menstrual cramps, acne, nausea, insomnia, post traumatic stress, joint pain, depression and more.  Seriously, it could’ve been SO much more simple and affordable if we had access to CBD without the threat of going to jail.

CBD helping three generations

My best friend Claudia Loens feels the same way I do.  As driven moms we decided to start  our own business distributing CBD products.  Both Claudia and I take CBD on a regular basis….I take it for anxiety and sometimes pain. Our children take it, our spouses take it, our aging parents take it, and even our pets take it.  It is good medicine.

I’m thankful for CBD. I’m thankful for the opportunity to provide safe high-quality products to people in need. I am grateful for the amount of healing I have witnessed, sometimes life-changing healing.

If you have any questions about using CBD or even selling CBD please know I am always here to support you along your path. No pressure ever 🙂

Namaste – Karen

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