Talking to trees

Mystic Garden“I went out front and talked with the apricot tree like Dr. Serr told me to do.  I felt kind of funny at first, but the more I sat there looking at the tree, the more I swear it has a face.  I guess I was half expecting to hear the voice of the tree actually talk to me, but I realize now that it doesn’t work that way – at least that day it didn’t.  I learned from the tree, that he is old.  He feels tired.  He has seen a lot in his lifetime.  He loves us, and he is glad we live with him.  He likes all the birdhouses we have hanging on him, but we need to be careful to only hang them on his really strong branches.  I promised to honor what he told me, and take good care of him.  I really love that tree.”

“I had one of those weird dreams the other night where you are kind of in-between being awake and being asleep.  While I was in this dream state, I saw a ball of light come into my vision.  As it got closer, it looked kind of egg shaped.  The egg shape started swirling around, and then swirled into the shape of a pelican.  I wonder what that means….?”

“I am becoming more aware of the wind.  It seems like a funny thing to say, but it’s true.  I find myself thinking about nature or looking at something specific while out walking.  I have thoughts in my head, and sometimes the wind seems to acknowledge me and/or my thoughts.”


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