Rock Hunting

Ever since I was a little girl I have been collecting rocks. I’ve always been drawn to rocks….rocks in the sandbox, rocks in the lake, rocks from the ocean, rocks on the softball field, and tumbled gems in souvenir shops.  Often, when I was ad kid, I would lick rocks or put them in my mouth.  I  know it sounds weird but to me it’s not weird.  Truth be told, sometimes I still do it!  It’s not Pica or anything like that, it just makes me feel closer to Mama Earth.  A little bit of dirt never hurt.

I’m still collecting rocks, even as a “grown up”. Everywhere I go I find little treasures.  Sometimes it’s okay to pick them up, other times it is not.  But those times that I do have permission I enjoy selecting the stones that call to me.

My husband Dave and I went rock hunting recently.  We went to the central coast of California to do our hunting, camping, and hiking at one of the most beautiful settings in California.  I was really hoping we might run into Coyote while searching for Big Sur Jade, Agate, Jasper and more.  Check out this video for a peek at our trip.

I guess at this stage of my life I’m not going to stop collecting rocks.  Rock hunting keeps me moving, it makes me happy and it gets me out into nature.  These days, My Crystal Shop is my largest collection!!  A collection that I can share with the world.   It doesn’t get much better than that.  I am very grateful.

I encourage YOU to get out there,  get dirty and have some fun.  There are treasures waiting for you!!  Can you hear them calling?


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