Our Need For Nature

In this very moment, what calls to you most?  The rhythmic waves of the ocean?  The swaying trees of the forest? The warm and dusty floor of the desert? The cool boulders along a running stream?  The tall green grass of a meadow filled with wild flowers?…They all sound nice, right?!?  Whatever your answer, chances are that next week you may feel called to something different.  Our bodies, minds, and souls need nature to be in balance, and these needs change from day to day.  Just like your body sometimes craves certain foods and minerals.

I chose Point Lobos State Park & Reserve for the Mini Vision Quest that I hosted on July 13th because it offers something for everyone.  This beautiful park in Carmel California has everything to offer…..the Pacific Ocean, meadows, forest, boulders, dusty trails, pebble beaches, flowing kelp forests, and succulent covered cliffs.  Every quester’s nature needs could be met at this location.  Perfect!!!

Prior to hitting the trail, we talked about some ancient technique & tools that are used to merge with nature.  We merged with kelp, and we sang from our souls.  We also learned an ancient meditative practice called Rock Grinding that can help a person really tap into nature, meditate deeply, and connect with Spirit.

” The undulating Ocean has a magical way of showing us the power of nature.  It is a reminder that teaching our children that they are the stewards of Mother Earth is essential.  This MiniQuest was a multi-generational experience of coming together in spirit for learning and appreciation.  I AM Blessed to have been there!  Thank you.”  —- Sherry Dobbins

I truly enjoyed sharing ancient techniques that have been taught to me.  It was a joy to see people opening up and viewing the world with shamanic eyes and ears.  It was especially nice to watch questers slowly decompress more and more throughout the day.  It really was a wonderful day.

Keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground as I will be hosing another Mini VisionQuest before the end of summer.   Thank you for your time and your interest.  May you always Walk In Beauty.  — A’ho

Namaste — Karen



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