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Jelly fishThe meditation after Calling in the Directions seems to be somewhat productive for me.  I am feeling like I am getting to a deeper place when I meditate.  I actually think I may have realized who some of my animal helpers may be.  I had a vision of a frame kind of floating in space.  On the border of the frame were faces of different animals.  The only one that was moving was the face of a monkey, or an ape of some kind.  Then, slowly there appeared the form of a gorilla in the stars – it was kind of a dot-to-dot picture, like what you see when you are learning about constellations.  Then, it changed from a dot-to-dot type picture to a very clear picture of a gorilla sitting down.  I’m not sure if this means a gorilla is one of my animal helpers or not.  I have also seen a jelly fish, and I think a pelican.  These are all animals that I would never really think about, and to date have not had a real significance for me.  I have also seen the eyes of another animal looking back at me.  They seem like the eyes of a large predator – maybe a lion, wolf, or tiger.  They seem like “fierce” eyes.

In regard to the shamanic “hollow bone”, I think I understand what it is and how one might achieve it.  I feel that the hollow bone is a state of being that a person can enter into.  It’s when you can let everything that you are, or think you are, go.  It’s as if you are emptying yourself so you can take on other feelings, visions, ideas, spirits, direction, etc.  I think this description probably makes achieving a shamanic hollow bone seem easier than it really is, as emptying yourself of what you expect, believe, and understand must be really difficult.  This is what I think the shamanic hollow bone is.

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