Make Your Own Shamanic Drumstick (step by step blog)

Create your own beat

Making your own drumstick or beater is really easy, and it’s always nice to have tools that are handmade.  Here’s what you will need to get started:

  • fallen branch that’s fairly strong
  • cloth (felt, rags, dryer lint, etc.)
  • super ball or ball of dryer lint
  • leather or fabric
  • twine and/or wire
  • crystals if you choose
  • hot glue gun




Got wood? – Collect some naturally fallen branches that feel like the right size to you.  Get a feel for which end feels right to hold.  Does it feel like the right weight?  Does it feel good in your hand?  If so, you have found your stick!  You are off to a great start.  🙂





Drumstick super ball


Secure the core of your beater –  Find a spot on the beater end of your stick where you can glue a small super ball.  Or, you can take some dryer lint and shape it into a ball by securing it with twine.






Drumstick felt twine 2


Wrap the beater core – Wrap cloth around the ball.  It helps to use a soft cloth at this stage as it will give your beater the deep sound and vibration that you are looking for.  I find that felt, stuffing, diaper cloth or terry cloth work well at this stage.

As you wrap the cloth around the ball, secure the cloth in place with twine.




Drumstick felt twine 3


Secure with twine – It’s important that the inner part of your beater is super secure.  Use the drumstick on the palm of your hand to get a feel for how secure the beater is.  When you feel like it’s secure, wrap some more twine around it.  I like to use “waxed thread” during this step because you can get it really, really tight.




Drumstick waxed thread



This is the waxed thread that I like to use.  You can usually find it in the jewelry making section of any craft store.

You can always make your own waxed twine by dipping string into melted wax then hanging to dry.




Drumstick leather wrap


Cover the beater – Depending on what you cover the beater with, it may be quick and easy, or it may take some thinking.  If you are using an odd shaped fabric, like leather, you may need to play around with the positioning.

Tip – a dab of hot glue here and there helps as you cover the beater.





Drumstick Handmade


Decorate – Yay, the fun part!  Use colored leather lace, crystals, twine, feathers…whatever you choose.

    Let your creative spirit guide you!

                         Namaste! —  Karen




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