Life Is Like Sea-Glass……

Howdy Do!

This past weekend Dave and I celebrated out 28th wedding anniversary – it’s pretty crazy how time flies by so fast!  On our anniversary we found ourselves enjoying the beautiful waves of the Pacific Ocean while beach combing for sea-glass.  As we collected our tumbled treasures, I realized that marriage (and life in general) is very much like sea-glass… it starts out all sharp and new, with lots of its edgy goals and sharp points of view.  But over time, life happens….we get tumbled around a bit by life.  Our sharp edges begin to soften and become smooth.  We learn to go with the flow and learn from our rough and tumble times.

While on the beach, I was inspired to make this video for you.  Enjoy this quick relaxation break – you deserve it!

I invite you to take a couple of minutes and breathe in and out with the waves of the Pacific Ocean.  Enjoy the sound of the waves, and enjoy the visual of the waves rolling in and rolling out…..just like your breath flows in and out of you.  As you exhale, release any energy that does not serve you.  And as you inhale, welcome in the fresh cleansing air.  Slow down, and enjoy this quiet moment to yourself.

Namaste my friend. — Karen

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