I'm starting to see through shamanic eyes!

Ant EaterI want to share one experience I had while practicing my shamanic senses.  I was sitting out in my backyard the other day.  It was later in the day, and the temperature was perfect.  I made an effort to really stop and let everything go, and to listen and hear and see everything around me.  I was so struck by the beauty of my yard and everything in it.  I have always loved working in the yard and creating different points of interest.  But, until the other day, I had never really stopped to take it all in.  The beauty of everything hit me really hard, and I actually felt very emotional about it.  I saw many different kinds of birds and by paying close attention I discovered where many of them were living right there in my own yard.  I was aware of the different species and the different sounds and songs of each one.  I had a little yellow chested bird come over and take a bath in the fountain I was sitting next to.  I just watched him, and I felt so happy that I am able to provide a nice place for him.  He stopped on the edge of the fountain and looked at me.  We actually shared a moment where we sat staring at each other.  I know where he lives.  I became aware of the many bees that were enjoying my lavender plants.  Again, I am so happy that they love our yard.  I even became aware of how the younger branches on the trees are more flexible in the breeze as compared to the older branches….just like people.  I love the beauty of the water, plants, flowers, rocks, animals…..everything.  I have owned this home for over 20 years, and have taken such pride in the work I have done in my yard, but I never truly “saw” it until the other day.  I think my yard is a labor of love.  Love for nature.  I just never knew it.  I am so very grateful to be blessed with such a space that brings joy to so many creatures, including my own family.

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