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Hello and Namaste,

We all have within us a quest for a deeper spiritual connection. Questions which plague us deep within our souls because we know that there is more than the day to day march toward more money and more toys. It may lie dormant in one’s heart only to be awakened by a meaningful life experience or it may be an active part of every day existence. But it is there. You only need to look to find that it is everywhere around you.

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Some may already be in touch with their inner spirit while others live an unconscious, ego-driven life. Wherever you are in your journey, I welcome you to come along on mine. I offer an open, raw look into my training and life experiences. I offer my support and love for you along your journey too.

What to do while you’re here on my site? You can visit my blog, which is a really all about my journey and my way of sharing knowledge with people. I want to take the mystery and confusion out of Shamanic practice and all of the healings I do. I hope you enjoy my blog, because I strive to be very authentic and not edit myself. I also try to add a little humor when it feels right! Check it out here.

You can also visit my lifestyle pages. Learn ways in which you can begin to live a Shamanic life with simple, practical and often FUN resources.

And of course, please take a look at some of the services I offer. I constantly continue my education and experimentation which I feel brings a better healing experience to my clients. I have a deep passion for helping people (and animals!!!) so please take a look and reach out to me if you have any questions. I’m happy to discuss whatever it is you are considering. Click here to view my services.

If you also love to learn, I’ve put together my favorite Shaman and Crystal healing tools and books on my store page. This is an Amazon affiliate page and you can continue to shop Amazon from here if you’d like. Thank you in advance for any purchases you may make. I hope I inspire you to learn more about this fascinating field! Learn more here.

Mostly, a warm and hearty welcome to you. Thank you for visiting and exploring ShamaMama.com. I’m so glad you’re here!


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Our Workshops

Wild Roots – 3 Day Retreat in the Santa Cruz Mountains

May 24, 2024 | 1:00 PM
Ticket Price:$460.00 - $580.00

ShamaMama.com Reconnect To Your WILD ROOTS A Retreat May 24 – 26, 2024  Santa Cruz BOOK A SEAT TODAY

Magic Mountain Mamas – Shasta Retreat

July 15, 2024 | 12:00 AM

Join us as we welcome Summer with this 5 day exclusive maiden voyage to magical BOOK A SEAT TODAY

Sacred Sedona Retreat

September 16, 2024 | 12:00 AM

Join us as we welcome Fall with this 5 day exclusive maiden voyage to Sedona, BOOK A SEAT TODAY

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