Full Moon On Cave Rock

Hello and Namaste!

On this little road is my ‘special place’.  I am just back from a wonderful trip to Lake Tahoe where I was reminded of how sacred a spot can be.  One sacred spot for me, tucked away on a little road off the North shore, is the Casella Family Cabin which was built by my ancestors, and where many family memories have been made.  You probably have a special spot too!  I hope you do.  If you don’t, keep searching!  🙂

Even though we visited the lake at the peak of the Summer season, we were still able to relax, unwind and recharge.   This was another reminder of sorts…..no matter where you are, even if you are in a busy environment, there is always peace to be found.  You just need to seek it out. There are pockets of peace and harmony everywhere – you can find them by searching with intention or by simply creating them.

“What you seek is seeking you.” — Rumi

Another sacred spot I visited was Cave Rock on the East shore.  And, I got to visit this very special spot on the evening of the Full Buck Moon, also known as the Full Blood Moon.   Check out this video to learn more about  Cave Rock, the Washoe Indian Tribe, and go on a quick swim with me!


Cave Rock, located on the Southeast shore of Lake Tahoe, has been known as a sacred place for the Washoe Indian Tribe for over ten thousand years.…. Unfortunately, this sacred land was tarnished in both 1931 and 1957, when the government blasted through the heart of Cave Rock, creating two tunnels. These tunnels carry tourists to and from the casinos and hotels of South Lake Tahoe on four lanes of U.S. Highway 50.  The blasting of these tunnels demolished the original caves that were naturally part of Cave Rock.  These natural tunnels were sacred places where Washoe ceremony would take place, and were Shamans, or medicine people,  would go to journey.

The Washoe Indians are the original inhabitants of Lake Tahoe and the lands surrounding it.  The original name and pronunciation of the tribe is Wa She Shu (Wašišiw) . After contact with colonists, many things in Washoe history have been changed or altered including the tribal name. The Washoe people have lived at Lake Tahoe for over ten thousand years. To understand the Washoe people, you need to understand the environment in which they live. Washoe have always been a part of the land and environment, so every aspect of their lives is influenced by the land.  The Washoe people did not travel to this area from another place. They were here in the beginning and have always lived here…Each cave, stream, lake or prominent geographical feature is named and has stories associated to it.

Washoe Shamans also use divination as a tool to tap into the spirit world.  By sitting on the top of Cave Rock and gazing down into the clear blue reflective waters of Lake Tahoe, a Washoe Shaman will connect with what they refer to as Water Babies, or Water Spirits.    By gazing at the light dancing on the waters below, a person is able to slip into a deep meditative state.  According to Washoe legend, Water Babies are found in all lakes, rivers and streams; however they are most abundant at Cave Rock.

Through teachings passed down and shared by generations of Washoe elders, we are warned that the power of Cave Rock is both extremely powerful and dangerous.  Traditionally Washoe Indians were urged to avoid the rock because of its extremely strong powers that could potentially be catastrophic.  Only Washoe Shamans were permitted to work from within or atop of Cave Rock, and only when they had undergone extensive preparations for each visit.  Preparation for a shamans visit could take as long as a month.  And, once upon Cave Rock, a shaman my stay there for many days while they journey.

As I sat upon Cave Rock I was filled with both enormous gratitude and humbleness.  To think that this sacred spot has been honored and utilized for so many thousands of years is powerful and grounding.   And as I watched the Full Buck Moon rise over the highest mountain to the East of Cave Rock, I gave gratitude, respect, and healing energy to this special piece of land and to the people who hold it so dear.

Namaste — Karen

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