Freedom Painting!


For the next 30-ish days, I will be painting FREEDOM!

Freedom Painting

I’ll be painting what freedom feels like, and painting while in a meditative state and thinking about what freedom means to me.  What is blocking me from feeling free at times?  I’ll have a journal handy to write down any significant thoughts and revelations.

I’m sharing this with you because you don’t need to be an artist to do this.  YOU can do this too!   I find painting to be a great form of meditation.  Give it a shot sometime….you don’t need to worry about what the end result is.  The point is to paint your feelings…paint the energy of your feelings.  (Check out  www.WhitneyFreya.comfun courses with a super cool teacher!)

I will use the same canvas over and over.  So, I will be painting over my paintings.  Here are the first three:

Freedom Painting 1
This is my first painting. I used my fingers a lot which was really fun. I like this one!


Freedom Painting  2
….my second painting. My left brain kind of took over on this one so I just squirted a bunch of paint on the canvas an mushed my hands in it.
Freedom Painting 3
Freedom Painting #3 – I listened to Paul Simon and danced in the kitchen while I painted this one. I felt the freedom this time. 🙂



I’ll share more later.  And don’t forget, YOU can enjoy this creative form of meditation too.  I hope this has inspired you in some way.

Namaste.  —  Karen








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