Extra!! Extra!!…..Someone is out of their comfort zone!

Attention!…Warning!…..Please Hear This!

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Hahahaha!  Just kidding, it’s really not that big of deal.  I just wanted to warn you that you will be seeing me without makeup or hair done, so be ready! 🙂  And, I want tell you something before you checkout any/all of my “1 Blog a Day for 30 Days” video blogs.

I have been doing a lot of “self work” over the past years.  One thing I have learned is that if I stay within my own personal comfort zone, I will not grow and develop.  I have learned that when I take a step outside of my little bubble of comfort, I have the most amazing experiences.  When I purposely do something that terrifies me, or makes me feel like I’m standing naked in front of the world, I end up learning and growing from it.  Most times, when I consciously choose to do something that makes me feel scared, or embarrassed, I walk away from the experience feeling more whole, which is great!!

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Are you wondering “what in the heck is she getting at?”….. I’m sharing this with you because the whole video blog thing is really uncomfortable for me.  I have always had feelings of anxiety, shame, and embarrassment when I’m the focus of attention in a public setting.  When I am home or someplace with family, I am comfortable being myself.  But when I start stepping away from that “home and family comfort zone”, I begin to feel judged and all of those  yucky feelings start creeping up.  This is how doing video blogs makes me feel, and I know I am not alone.

I’m going to do each daily blog without much preparation, and by presenting myself “as is”.  By “as-is” I mean:

Most days I will blog without makeup or any real effort put into my hair.

I will have a topic to discuss or a point to make, but I will not really prepare…it will just be me, speaking from my head and my heart, and maybe my ass sometimes.

I will only do one “take”, and will not cut/ paste anything.  I do want to figure out those neat graphic things though.

I have 2 objectives:

  1.  To let people see the true me, and feel good about it (without anxiety, shame and embarrassment) Brrrriing on CALM, PRIDE & LOVE OF SELF!
  2.  To inspire others to be their true selves as well.

Okay……tomorrow is day 3!  If you don’t see the video(s) on this site, you can go to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1d23X-DaQWaysOwEu9pKwA

Be well and happy!  Namaste.


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