Blog – What is crystal healing for animals all about?

What is crystal healing for animals all about?

Crystal healing for animals might sound like  a newer healing modality for animal caregivers, but the use of crystals for healing dates back to at least 25,000 BC. Today, the medicine men or shamans of the American Indians, Aborigines, and Bushmen still use stones and crystals and thankfully this modality of healing has become somewhat commonplace in today’s modern society. It is well known that quartz crystals have been used to power watches for many years. It’s the same kind of idea – different crystals and stones have their own energy and vibration that can be helpful for all kinds of things, including healing.

Animals are especially receptive to crystal healing.  I believe it’s because they still have a fairly strong natural connection to Mother Earth.  Animals are able to sense the energy from crystals much easier than us humans.  A long time ago, I believe most humans could sense crystal energy just like animas do today, but with our crazy/busy EMF saturated lifestyles, we aren’t so “tuned in” anymore.   But animals…they feel it right away.

Before I go on, I should mention a couple of IMPORTANT thoughts:  Please, if you do any kind of crystal work for or around animals, be sure to never leave a crystal where an animal can eat it.  Nobody wants a broken tooth from chomping on a crystal, or worse an animal could choke on a crystal.  Also, some crystals can be toxic.   With that being said, the benefits of working with crystals are enormous.  Just be sure you are safe, and if you have any doubts consult a Certified Crystal Healer.

What are the benefits of crystal healing for animals?

All crystals have healing properties that can help both people and animals. Crystals and stones can help heal on a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level such as:

  • Anxiety, fear, and aggression
  • Respiratory, circulatory, and digestive conditions
  • Wounds, inflammation, and arthritis
  • Hormonal and compulsive behavioral issues
Mo with Medicine Bag
This is Monet (7 years old) who has pneumonia. Blue Calcite is a good stone for healing lungs. Monet is holding on to her medicine bag which holds Green Fluorite and Clear Quartz, also good for lung health and healing.

What are some ways to offer crystal healing to animals?

  • Near the animal’s sleeping area
  • Creating crystal grids near or around the animal
  • Smooth crystals can be rubbed on the animal
  • Druse crystals can be used to” comb” the animals aura for healing
  • Crystal pendulums can be used to check the chakras in an animal’s body to see if they are in balance
  • Worn as a pendant on the animal’s collar or halter (be sure the crystal is secure, is non toxic and can get wet)

How may pets react to crystals?

  • You may see positive signs such as licking, chewing, yawning or general improvement in the animal’s health.
  • If the animal does not want to lay near the crystal or does not want you to put a pendant on their collar or halter, then the energy may be too much for them at first.  Just being in the same room with the healing crystals will greatly benefit an animal, so don’t worry if your animal keeps their distance at first.  Over time, as an animal becomes more familiar with the crystal vibrations, they will become more comfortable and relaxed during their session.  Typically, after one or two sessions, an animal will be extremely open to crystal healing, and will be excited when they see the crystals come out.  They can’t wait to soak in all that awesome crystal juju!

Well, that’s about it for now.  I wish you and your animal family members a happy 2015 filled with tons and tons of health and happiness.

Mo - crystal grid
Here is a picture of Monet enjoying the healing energy from Rose Quartz (so she feels the love), Blue Calcite (for her lungs) and Clear Quartz points (to pump it up!)


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