Adventure Awaits!

September 30, 2022

to YOU on this BEAUTIFUL day.

I am heading off on and adventure this week.
It’s all very fun and exciting …. hot springs, crystal hunting, family, painting, & gathering with lots of amazing female artists from around the globe via Whitney Freya, my friend and mentor.   But, there’s more to it…..

On a deeply personal and spiritual level there is a component of this trip that I have not shared with many people because it’s imbedded into my own unique journey.   But it’s a pretty cool story and I feel like sharing this bit of spiritual significance with YOU.

I will be spending time in Joseph Oregon, a place I have never been to before.  At least, not physically.

Early on in my shamanic studies I was working one-on-one with Dr. Steven Serr, a Shaman and Professor of Theology at UC Santa Cruz.  In the early 2000’s Dr. Serr was leading me through a three level course in shamanism.  I took lots of notes about my practices and learnings over the years. I took these notes for myself, and for my teacher, never really intending on sharing with anyone else.

But there IS one journal entry in particular I would
like to share with you now. 

Full disclosure, this sharing does feel a little bit like standing in front of you naked, but by sharing my unedited notes I know I will continue to grow and learn.  Plus….
#1.  It’s kind of cool to read the personal notes of a shamanic student, and
#2.   The notes of my “fifth try at merging” (see below) are super meaningful to my upcoming trip and the land I will be visiting.

My Personal Mediation Notes

circa mid 2002

Merge Journey to the Lower World


Prior to journeying to the lower world, I stated that my intention for taking the journey was to connect with one of my spirit helpers who would allow and teach me to merge with it.  For some reason, I was not feeling comfortable pre-planning which spirit helper I was going to merge with.  I understand from my homework that I was to pre-plan who my merge would be with, but it just didn’t feel right.  So, I followed my gut and journeyed to the lower world to discover who I would merge with.  My journey started off by spiraling down a tunnel and then landing in the lower world.  I immediately felt drawn to an area in the lower world that is tucked into the jungle to my left.  In this area there are many vividly colored tropical plants, and lot of statues.  There is a big banyan tree where you feel like you are in a big tree-tent when you are under it.  There is ancient statue in the center of this area, and it gives off such a wonderful calming energy.  It is here were I started calling out to my sprit helpers to see if anyone would like to come forward to merge with me.


As I wandered around the area where the banyan tree stands, I was visited by a number of animals.  The first was an ostrich who was really funny.  She kept walking around making funny faces with her neck outstretched.  I asked her if she was one of my power animals and she said no.  I also saw a flamingo, a turtle and a wolf, all of whom stated they were not there to teach me to merge.  I then came across a jellyfish.  I asked the jellyfish if he was the one who will be teaching me to merge.  It seemed he could not communicate verbally, even telepathically.  I asked if he would glow green for yes and red for no.  He showed me a green glow coming from his center.


I followed the jellyfish to a beautiful beach on the ocean.  He had me wade into the water up to my waist. We stood facing each other, and the jellyfish slowly started to wrap a few of his arms and tentacles around my body, pulling me closer to him.  I tried to wrap myself around him as best as I could, but it was difficult to balance.  Once I just let myself go, and began to float it was very easy to entwine myself with the jellyfish.  As we were floating into the ocean we simply merged into one.  I felt myself kind of slip into the jellyfish.


Being one with the jellyfish was really beautiful.  He swam around the ocean showing me some underwater caves, and the most beautiful coral.  There was a strong feeling of flexibility while merging with the jellyfish.  It was such a relaxing feeling to just float and be able to move about with very little effort.  The jellyfish showed me how he can float and swim in a slow and graceful manner.  He also showed me how he move pretty fast if he needs to.  To get the momentum to swim quickly, felt as if we were doing a breaststroke kick….it was not exactly the same feeling, but it felt familiar.  It was relaxing being merged with the jellyfish, and I was so interested in the fact that I could feel what the jellyfish felt.  I could feel the drag of the water, and how by moving the jellyfish body, mainly the bell, a certain way, you can slow down or speed up.  The other thing I felt was very interesting was that I could feel the energy of the jellyfish.  It was a feeling like you would get if you felt a very low volt of electricity…kind of like a buzzing vibration feeling.  While being merged with the jellyfish, I also felt the extra sensitive nerves that the jellyfish has.  It was not painful, but I could feel what I think were the jellyfish’s nerve endings all over his body.  It felt like when you have an exposed nerve, but not the painful feeling.


Before I had a chance to ask any questions of the jellyfish, I heard the call back.  I thanked the jellyfish and slipped out of his body.  I traveled up through the tunnel to ordinary reality.  I made a conscious effort to be sure I was 100% back and myself before I opened my eyes.  Once I opened my eyes, I had the usual post-journey feelings of being more aware of my surroundings, as well as seeing everything around me in much more vivid color, and simply feeling more alive.  The difference I noticed after this journey is that I wanted to go right back and do another merge.  I didn’t, but I really wanted to.


I think it was good that I did not pre-plan who I would be merging with.  Now that I have merged, I understand the feeling of slipping into a spirit helper.  It was a daunting feeling prior to taking that journey, and I think the jellyfish may have come forward to help me because he seemed easily merge-able to me.


Merging in the Upper World (first try)


Prior to journeying to the upper world to merge with a deceased healer, I did a lot of thinking about who I should try to merge with.  Edgar Casey is one person who came to mind, as well as Dr. William Foster, however I was uncertain if I should be making an effort to meet with past Shamans, or any kind of healer.  I assumed I should be merging with a Shamanic healer, but I am not familiar with any.  So, I made the decision to travel to the upper world and have my sprit helper, Osprey, introduce me to the proper healer.


I traveled up through a kind of tunnel/porthole to the upper world.  Once I arrived in the upper world, I asked Osprey to take me to a healer.  We traveled through different periods of time, and I was able to get glimpses of landscapes and items as we traveled.  We flew over the pyramids at a time when they looked to be in pristine condition.  They almost seemed to glow.  We traveled over what looked to be endless jungles, and I was shown different masks and carvings in both wood and stone.  We traveled through what looked like a sweat lodge that was occupied by an elder along with three younger tribes’ people.  I was also shown a vision of a Native American Chief with a large feathered headdress on.


We ended up in what I believe was either northern Washington, or possibly Alaska.  There was a totem pole near a clearing, and it looked like the totems you would see in that area of the country.  I was brought to an elderly Indian woman who was sitting on a log.  She was dressed in what looked like flannel or wool pants, a long sleeve shirt and a down vest.  Her clothing seemed to be modern day.  What struck me was her face.  She had the biggest smile I have ever seen, and her huge smile was accompanied by very happy eyes.  Her face was covered by very, very deep wrinkles.  She looked as if she had spent most of her life outdoors.   I immediately knew she was a very wise and very special person.


That is as far as I got on this journey.  I never had a chance to talk to the Indian woman who I was brought to.  I am not sure if I fell asleep, or if our time was up, but before I even had a chance to talk to the Indian woman, I was being called back.  I nodded/bowed to the woman as a form of respectful acknowledgement; I thanked Osprey and then traveled back to ordinary reality.  Before I opened my eyes, I did kind of a mental check to be sure I was fully present and that I was completely back in the ordinary world.


I will give this exercise another try tomorrow.  As I am writing this, I am considering doing a bit of research about north-west Indian tribes in the United States.  Perhaps I can find the name of this woman I was brought to.
Merging in the Upper World (fifth try)


I have found this exercise to be somewhat challenging.  I was having troubles getting to a deceased healer.  Getting to the upper world was not a problem, but once I arrived in the upper world, I had a difficult time…almost like I was “un-focused” while in the upper world.  In my fifth try, I was very successful.  It was a really amazing experience!


I traveled to the upper world with the intention of meeting a deceased healer and hopefully merging with them.  Once I arrived in the upper world I was met by an elderly man.  I didn’t even see Osprey like I typically would upon arriving to the upper world.  The elderly man was the first thing I saw upon my arrival. The man was wearing brown pants and a button down shirt that had a kind or western-wear look to it.  He had fancy braided black/grey hair that came to below his chin.  He wore a folded cloth that he around his head as a headband.  He looked to be Native American.


I asked the man his name.  At first I thought he said his name was Moses, but then he clearly said his name is Chief Joseph.  I asked him if he was a healer and he said yes.  I asked if he would allow me to merge with him, and he said yes.  He then lifted both of his hands up as if he wanted to take my two hands in his.  I gave him my hands, and within 1-2 seconds I merged into him.  It was like slipping into his body.  The first thing I noticed after we merged is that we were now in a different place.  We were standing on a very large granite rock next to a beautiful blue lake.  It actually looked very much like Lake Tahoe but smaller, and there were no signs of modern civilization.  I could feel the breeze, and I could smell pine in the air.  I looked down at my hands and realized they were his hands.  They looked well worn, but not too hard.  Chief Joseph “telepathically” told me that his hands, his voice and his heart are his greatest gifts and tools as a healer.


I then took a moment to look around.  We were standing on a point of land above the lake, and there was water on both sides of us.  I could see other Indians around us, but they were busy doing things.  To the right of us (instinctively I knew this was West) I could see some people down at the water’s edge.  It looked as if they were bathing and doing laundry.  To the left (East) I saw what looked like a camp set up.  It was a small camp for approximately 10 people.  There was a fire pit with a pot hanging over it.  There were hides from deer or elk hanging on a structure that had been built with branches/logs.  There was also a house or shelter that has been put together with lots of branches.  It was fairly large, and it kind of had the shape of a tee-pee.  I saw other Indians in the camp area and they seemed to be sitting around just relaxing and talking.  One woman was using the surface of a large granite rock to grind something.  Everyone seemed very happy and relaxed.


I realized Chief Joseph was showing me his way of life.  I am not sure what tribe he is from, but he did communicate to me that this location is a summer camp and that he and his family travel here every summer.  They travel to other areas during the rest of the year.  The land and the animals tell them when it is time to move.  When the rabbits are fat and have extra fur, they travel to where they harvest acorns and pine nuts, and that is where they spend the winter.


I asked Chief Joseph if he is a Shaman.  He said he is, and his people called him a medicine leader.  He then showed me how he uses plants for medicine.  He showed me how he uses a grinding stone to grind down plants and to get oils out of them.  I remembered at this point that I was seeing this through Chief Joseph’s eyes as we were still merged, and it hit me how cool that really was.  He then made a point of lifting up his hands and showing them to me.  They were old and wrinkled, but they looked so gentle.  He said his hands are his greatest tool for healing besides working with spirit.  Chief Joseph then took me to the top of a rocky cliff high above the lake.  He told me this is a very sacred spot where only healers are allowed.  This spot is where he connects with his spirit helpers and is able to find answers/solutions so that he can help heal others (he would heal Indian people but also others from outside of his tribe…  many white people would go to him for help).  I can feel the sense of peace and connection that Chief Joseph feels while at this sacred spot.  It is beautiful there…..the scenery is just breathtaking, but there is also a beauty in the way this place feels.  The best way I can describe the feeling is “pure and sacred”.  As we sat at the top of this cliff, I could feel the fresh air that seemed perfect.  I understood that the air, the water below, the rock itself, the trees, the sky….everything can be communicated with easily from this spot.


As we were sitting on the cliff, I looked down at the lake below.  The water was so crystal clear.  With the rocks at the bottom of the lake and the sun reflecting on the top of the lake, I was able to see visions or pictures dancing in the water.  I asked Chief Joseph if he uses this spot for divination because it seemed like he was “reading” the water.  He said yes, but he does not call it “divination”.   I asked Chief Joseph if he and I could work together to heal others, and he said yes.  I could tell he was happy about this, as was I.


I then heard the call back.  I really didn’t want to go because I felt so connected to Chief Joseph.  I asked him if I could come back to visit him and he said yes.  I thanked him for everything he taught me and I traveled back to ordinary reality.


What an amazing experience.  I feel so blessed to have met Chief Joseph and to have been allowed to merge with him.  It is difficult to express just how beautiful this experience was.  I will never forget this first merge with Chief Joseph and I am very much looking forward to seeing him again.  I fully plan on moving forward with my Shamanic studies, but if for some reason I didn’t, the experience of merging with Chief Joseph was such a wonderful gift that I will remember for the rest of my life.  I realize I would not have experienced this if it were not for studying Shamanism, and I am so grateful for what I have learned and experienced, especially this merge.

How cool is that?!

Cheif Joseph and I stay connected via deep meditation, a practice also referred to as journeying.  I consider Chief Joseph to be one of my closest sprit helpers.

Fast forward a few years…..I meet Whitney Freya who lives in Joseph OR and knows all about Chief Joseph and the Nimiipuu people, also known as the Nez Perce Tribe, a name settles gave the Nimiipuu people because of their pierced noses.

This is the land I am visiting

The Nimiipuu people have been connected to the lands and waters of modern-day Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Montana long before the creation of the Nez Perce Reservation.

After my first visit with Chief Joseph I painted him.  I know it’s a pretty creepy looking painting and does not do him justice, but I hung it on my wall and kept it there for many years.  When Whitney first visited my home she saw the painting and said, “Hey!….Chief Joseph, I know him.”  
I am finally getting to visit this special place.  I will plant my fanny in the dirt.  I will get my bare feet (and maybe bare body) in the water. I will simply
to connect more deeply.

Do you think I will find the spots I saw in my meditation?

Will I find the sacred land at the top of that rocky cliff?

Stay tuned!

Adventure Awaits!

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