A Gift of Art, Spirit Messages & Good Juju

cl 9 I was compelled to create a meditative painting for my best friend because her birthday was last week. As I started the process I knew I would want to share this with you because it’s just so cool, and super special.  I am grateful to my friend Claudia for being so open and willing to sharing the details of her messages with you.  ♥

Painting while in a shamanic state of consciousness (SSC) is a somewhat new discovery for me, and I love it. This is a practice where I have one foot here in this ordinary world, and one foot in a place I have reached through meditation. While I am in a SSC I’m open to receive messages from spirit. Being open in this way is what is often referred to as “being the hollow bone”.

There are several layers of both paint and messages that come from creating a meditative painting. So, I took pictures and notes along the way so I could pass them along with the painting to my friend as a gift.  It’s like a painting and messages from sprit all wrapped together!

Here’s what I gave her:

cl 1 Above is a picture of the first layer and the foundation of your painting. You would never know this was under there, would you?!

cl 2 I started with warmer colors like red, yellow and pink because those are the colors I gravitate to when I think of you. But I quickly received a message (intuitively) that your painting should start with a cool foundation to represent being calm and centered at your core. I was told that your top layer should be  fiery and warm.  After playing with the paint for a while this is what the next layer looked like. I was told that water drives you. Water is your soul’s fuel. This layer reminds me of being under the sea.

cl 4 I threw blobs of white paint on the canvas to represent the “shit” that comes up in life. Shit happens, but it can be wiped away.

cl 5 Kelp may be your power plant!…Pretty cool! You definitely have a soul connection to kelp. Kelp flows easily and it can go any which way with ease. Kelp protects many sea creatures, and gives them a forest to live in, or a bed to sleep in. It nourishes other living being. You and kelp have a lot in common.

cl 6 Elements are important to you, and bringing them into your painting was important. In this layer, I used a spray bottle to get some water dripping and drying on the canvas as a way to bring the element and energy of water into your painting. I then worked some Himalayan pink salt into the painting. The salt brings the element of Earth to your painting. “Salt of the Earth”

fire After bringing salt and water into the painting it was pretty wet, so I dried it by the fire. This step introduced the element of fire to your paining.

cl 6b When the painting was dry, I smudged it with the smoke from Palo Santo wood. Palo Santo is often referred to as “Holy Stick”, and it has been used by the Incas and indigenous people of the Andes for centuries as a remedy for cleansing and purifying. It’s used in the same way you use your sage stick. I used the charcoal and ash from the wood to add more good juju to the heart of your painting. The use of the Palo Santo wood, and the addition of some pretty paper represents wood within your painting.

cl 7 Wordflirt is what came through loud and clear in this next layer. The flower represents your logo. The center is green to pull in an abundance of money and awesome clients.

cl 8 I added gold leaf to the center of the flower to represent even more abundance. And, this brings in the element of gold. I was guided to bring in a spinning motion. This represents the element of air/wind. This element will help you to SOAR! I was also told that this spinning motion is kind of like a tornado. It’s pulling in, or sucking in all the good stuff that’s out there, and it’s flinging off all the crap that does not serve you.

Final Claudia And here is your finished painting. May it serve you well and bring you all the love and abundant good juju  you so deserve. I love you!


I hope you liked being a part of the process of creating this painting for Claudia. If you want me to meditate and create one for you with messages, please email me at karen@shamamama.com.


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