A couple of difficulties so far…..

AgateAfter completing my first unit of my Shamanism class, I have realized some area of difficulty for myself.  Here are a couple of things I am struggling with:

  1.  Meditation Time – I now know that there is a lot of meditation time that must be dedicated to my shamanic studies.  This is the story of my life…..I always seem to think things are going to be easier and faster than they really are.  Why do I do that?!  I hope my spirit helpers know that my intentions are good and true.  I just need to figure out how to balance everything.
  2. My teacher said, “Shamanic methods require a relaxed discipline, with concentration and purpose”.    Okay….where do I find and get myself some of this relaxed discipline?  This one may take me some time.

Although these are a couple of areas where I am struggling a bit, I feel such a strong calling to continue on with my studies.  I can tell this is going to require a ton of commitment, and I am up to the challenge!

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